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Native Bees

The A, Bee, Cs of Native Bees can be taught in one, two or three classes. Krystle will guide the audience through a basic to intermediate level of understanding of native bees. From the differences between honey bees and native bees all the way to understanding taxonomy and identifying bees through photographs.

Macro Photography

In this presentation you’ll explore various macro photography techniques with setups from affordable to high-end; including flashes, diffusers, reverse lens mounts, diopters, and more. You’ll also learn and better understand your camera’s settings. Students will have time to practice during class. Bring whatever equipment you currently use to this fun class.

Community Science

Local knowledge, collective action, and empowerment in ecology. This is social learning through experience instead of a textbook. Understand and see your garden and the world around you with a different set of eyes. You don’t have to be hold a degree in ecology to make contributions to science. Krystle will walk you through her journey with the goal to help you start or expand yours.

Krystle offers both in-person and virtual presentations and talks. Custom programs can also be created to fit your needs.